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Teleios Collaborative Network & National Hospice Cooperative Form Joint Venture with Community Healthcare of Texas

Teleios Collaborative Network (TCN) and National Hospice Cooperative (NHC) have formed a joint venture partnership that will allow each organization to leverage their respective strengths to provide support to not-for-profit hospice and palliative care providers.   

In today’s environment there are multiple macro challenges facing not for profit serious illness providers such as declining reimbursements, increasing regulatory burdens, Medicare Advantage “carve-in” model, and increasing labor and ancillary services costs. 

By partnering, TCN and NHC will combine their organizational and mission strengths in such areas as operational efficiency through economies of scales, operational excellence, leadership excellence, census growth, payor relationships and palliative care operations all while allowing each organization to leverage local brand equity and create greater mission awareness.  

NHC is excited about the partnership and is looking forward to working with TCN.  “We were looking to form a partnership that will allow NHC to reach and assist not for profit hospices around the country,” said Jeff Lycan, president of NHC.  “TCN was a natural partner who shares our passion for ensuring all communities will have access to exceptional end of life care.”

“While TCN has a different model for its members, our goals, values and mission are completely aligned with NHC. The TCN team has exceptional expertise with robust leadership tools and systems; so, NHC is a perfect fit for a partnership,” said Chris Comeaux, president and CEO of TCN. 

TCN and NHC also announced the first member of the joint venture, Community Healthcare of Texas (CHoT). CHoT is the largest not for profit hospice and palliative care provider in Texas and has been serving both adult and pediatric families for over twenty-four years.  

“Community Healthcare of Texas is extremely thrilled to be the first to forge this type of unique cross functional partnership.  From our standpoint we are getting the best of both companies,” said Viki Jingle, CEO, Community Healthcare of Texas.  “Both entities are bringing needed resources and talents, that we could not afford independently.  I believe these types of partnerships will allow many other non-profit hospices to survive and thrive long into the future.”

Teleios Collaborative Network is a North Carolina based organization that has developed an organizational model that allows not-for-profit hospices to leverage best practices, achieve economies of scale and collaborate in ways that better prepare each agency to participate in emerging alternative payment models and advance their charitable missions.  The Network currently serves eleven members in five states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, and Texas.

National Hospice Cooperative is a nonprofit organization that provides world-class business support services to community-based, not-for-profit hospice providers. Through the cooperative, not-for-profit hospices can dedicate more dollars directly to their clinical mission while benefitting from a unique shared infrastructure to broaden purchasing power, utilize efficient indirect services, financial management, which are designed to support their mission while minimizing costs. National Hospice Cooperative, a direct affiliate of Ohio’s Hospice, is based in Dayton, Ohio.

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