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National Hospice Cooperative is a nonprofit organization that provides world-class business support services to community-based, not-for-profit hospice providers. Through the cooperative, not-for-profit hospices can dedicate more dollars directly to their clinical mission while benefitting from a unique shared infrastructure to broaden purchasing power, employ efficient indirect services, and utilize financial management, which are all designed to support their mission while minimizing costs. National Hospice Cooperative, a direct affiliate of Ohio’s Hospice, is based in Dayton, Ohio. 


The intention is to:

Maximize financial and process efficiencies in the administrative and indirect services side of the hospice and palliative care business model so those dollars can be utilized to support direct patient care activities.


The goal is to:

Grow the number of hospices working directly through National Hospice Cooperative and Ohio’s Hospice to:

  • Increase the volume and scale of the elements that make up a service
  • Reduce the expense of such services through economies of scale and joint purchasing power;
  • Reduce administrative burden on these organizations; and
  • Increase available dollars for direct patient care for all participating providers as well as OHI.

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