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Is end-of-life care threatened by today’s healthcare environment? Learn Why it Matters!

The vision of the original hospice movement was to ensure that everyone had access to compassionate, comprehensive, community focused, end-of-life care. Today, as the growth in for-profit hospice providers continues to expand so has the concern about trends to pursue business models designed to manipulate patient selective, define narrow service communities, and maximize financial incentives which threatens the hospice movement and this vision, damaging the spirit of hospice care in the name of profits. Ohio’s Hospice is launching an educational initiative to explore some of the pressing issues.

Hospice leaders believe the key to meeting the needs of patients at the end of life is to go “back to the future” and fully embrace patient/family-centered care and population health.1As originally championed by Cicely Saunders, MD, the founder of the modern hospice movement, the hospice model of care was based on providing end-of-life care… Click here to read more! 

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