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National Hospice Cooperative

National Hospice Cooperative Launched from Dayton-Based Headquarters

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If you have been to the offices at the Barn, you may have seen some signage or activity for the National Hospice Cooperative. 
Based in Dayton, the National Hospice Cooperative (NHC) is a new not-for-profit organization of Ohio’s Hospice that offers membership services to hospice organizations. By joining the cooperative, not-for-profit hospices can dedicate more dollars directly to their clinical mission while benefitting from group purchasing power, contract negotiation and financial management designed to support their mission while minimizing costs. 
NHC members maintain their local boards and management, a critical component to the community-based hospice approach to care. The cooperative enables its members to optimize the quality and cost of their support services and functions while realizing the advantages of national representation in cost negotiations for indirect services and medical supplies.
“We are in negotiations to establish membership relationships with several additional hospice providers in Ohio, as well as in California, Texas and Florida,” said Jeff Lycan, president of the National Hospice Cooperative. “By joining the cooperative, not-for-profit organizations can dedicate more dollars directly to their clinical mission while minimizing costs.”
Stay tuned for more information as the NHC develops.

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