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Spread The Word

Spread the Word

Ohio’s Hospice has published its first White Paper and is working to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible with an interest in preserving the legacy of the original Hospice movement. You can help. Below are some ideas for “spreading the word.” Thank you in advance for your support of this effort. #WhyItMatters

Click on the photo or the PDF to download the white paper. 



  •  Share the White Paper on your organization’s own Social Media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Choose four to five key messages from the White Paper to highlight via your organization’s sites and post these messages one at a time over the course of one to two weeks. (See sample Social Media messages below.)
  • Share on your own personal Social Media sites.
  • Share the White Paper via email with your employees, board members, donors and other stakeholders, and encourage them to share via their Social Media sites.
  • Add a link to the White Paper to your email signature and encourage your organization’s leaders to do the same, with the hashtag #WhyItMatters.


  • Post the White Paper prominently on your organization’s website and encourage website visitors to read, download and share.
  • Share the website link to the White Paper with reporters or blog writers with whom you have worked in the past.


  • Print enough copies of the White Paper to have available at appropriate internal and external meetings with board members, healthcare providers, legislators, and civic and religious leaders in your community.
  • Put copies of the White Paper in your organization’s administrative waiting room or other appropriate location(s).


  • Why is preserving the legacy of the original Hospice movement so important? Because it puts patients, rather than profits, at the center of decision making. Learn more for you and your patients in this first White Paper from Ohio’s Hospice. #WhyItMatters
  • Hospice thought leaders believe the key to meeting patients’ needs at the end of life requires us to go “back to the future,” preserving the patient-centered legacy of the original Hospice movement. That legacy is currently at risk with the rise of the for-profit hospice industry. Read the first White Paper from Ohio’s Hospice, and help us spread the word. #WhyItMatters
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